Even More Reasons to L♡ve Sarah Jessica Parker

These two videos confirm SJP is the greatest

There’s something about Sarah Jessica Parker. In every interview, she just seems so cool and kick-ass


Maybe it’s that her aura and her style are similar to her best-known character, Carrie (duh?!), and like so many SATC fans, I adore Carrie. Maybe it’s that she lives in New York City and treks through the winter weather like any other mom as she takes her twin girls, Tabitha and Marion, 4, to school (she also has a son, James Wilkie, 11). Whether she’s in mom-mode or red-carpet mode, and everything in between, she always has flair and a certain palpable pep to her step. 

I might not agree with every style choice she makes, but I admire that she takes fashion risks. Dressing up is no fun at all if you don’t take chances -and perhaps, risk looking a little silly. SJP (and Carrie) wear trendsetting looks that some might think of as silly, but they do it with confidence. That’s their style magic.

Which is how I found myself in semi-freezing weather the past few days, with my ankles exposed to the cold. It wasn’t quite comfortable, but I was channeling spring as I walked to the subway on my way to work or headed to meet a friend for hot chocolate at The City Bakery in the East Village (out-of-this-world hot cocoa by the way). I rolled my pants up each day, just enough so a good section of ankle was exposed, and paired them with ballet flats. Rolled-up pant cuffs isn’t a novel idea, but it’s so spring. (And sadly, so cold.)

I got my ankle-exposing inspiration, of course, from SJP. She talks about why she doesn’t wear socks in winter - ever - even if she’s walking through snow, in the video below. Skip to 2:04 if you don’t want to listen to the whole interview. (Although she talks SATC 3 and surviving the polar vortex in NYC… plus she shows off some of the more beautiful shoes in her SJP collection - so trust, you wanna watch.)

Then I came across this Vogue video interview with SJP in her home. She gracefully navigates through the 73 (73!) questions thrown at her in under six minutes. Who knew she’s lived in her NYC neighborhood - the West Village - for 13 years, her favorite drink is Coca-Cola and her favorite curse word is shit. Must watch! It’s so fun.

Whenever I’m in an outfit conundrum, I channel Carrie. That’s essentially like channeling SJP too. Try it next time you’re heading out. Put on a string of pearls, some sky-high heels or a big, funky hair accessory. It might just add that SJP pep to your step!

xoxo, H ♡

Photo from Brazilian label Maria Valentina’s 2013/2014 campaign.