theSkimm: Your Perfect News Filter (Lena Dunham's a fan!)

I’ll admit that despite the fact that I have a degree in journalism, my time spent news-reading is sourly lacking. I don’t know enough about politics or what’s going on in the world as I probably should. Ever feel the same way?

Aside from getting rid of my living-in-a-bubble guilt, I’d love to be able to confidently discuss current issues - to gain a stronger sense of awareness  - outside of, you know, Instagram, work emails, Miley Cyrus’ latest twerking exploits and the 10 million other things that clog up our daily “newsfeeds.”

My news-reading troubles were solved when I stumbled upon theSkimm. It’s a unique and fairly simple newsletter service that easily fits into your daily routine.


Monday through Friday I get an email just in time for my morning commute. No Internet on the subway? No biggie, since I can still access the email on my phone. There are links in each message also - to news sources like the BBC, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Often the newsletter is succinct enough that I don’t need to click on the links to get ahold of the issues. Plus it’s written with a whip-smart sense of humor. Love!

But don’t just take my word for it – ask Lena Dunham!

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