Galbraith is a place for friends. And stories. It’s been a dream of mine since I was 14 to have my own publication—a place where I could reach out to an amazing community of people, a community of women, especially. Galbraith is that place.

So, what is "Galbraith"? Well, it’s my middle name—the same middle name that my dear English grandmother had. (We were very close; she was like a second mother to me.)

How do you pronounce Galbraith? Like this: "Gal-bray-th," the same "ay" sound that you hear in "lake" and "faith." 

Why Galbraith? I wanted a blog name that was unique, that I could grow with... when I'm 30, 50, and beyond. I wanted a name that sounds strong, feminine, mysterious, different, and a bit wild. This carries over to the content on Galbraith: I'm celebrating you, and the wild and unique that is in all of us. 

Galbraith is a destination for style tips (relatable, affordable ones that will hopefully inspire you to try a new look or trend, while still staying true to your personal tastes). Galbraith is also a safe place to delve into topics that aren't always so easy to talk about, like getting older, feeling hopeless, and anxiety. Writing about these tougher topics—which affect us all—is essential to me.

You’ll also find my latest obsessions: whether it’s a great book, a mouthwatering recipe, a must-have beauty product, or a song that will (hopefully!) make you want to get up and dance like no one/everyone is watching. You’ll also get a glimpse into the world of some pretty kickass people in the Interviews section. I truly believe that learning about other people’s passions and adventures can make conquering your goals just a little bit easier. I hope that when you visit Galbraith, you feel a little more free to be beautiful, special, unique, human, lovable you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and making Galbraith a part of your life!

Xoxo, Heather

P.S. This blog would not be possible without the help of Tom Schelling. He takes all of the photos you see throughout Galbraith (unless otherwise noted). He's my partner-in-crime and the most wonderful human being. 

P.P.S. I absolutely love to hear from you—tips, comments, complaints... send it all my way. It's what makes Galbraith better. 

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Photograph by Tom Schelling